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We are a reputable pest control company in Toronto that provides cost-effective pest control solutions for your residential and commercial needs. We offer exterminators who are trained, insured, and licenced to handle a variety of tasks that best suit the requirements of your residence or place of business.

Regardless of how big or small your issue is, we can manage it. Our pest control services in Toronto are strong enough to keep pests out of your house or place of business. We deliberately pay attention to our customers’ needs. We are aware that no two pest issues are the same. We provide specialized solutions because they best suit your particular circumstance.

Why AM Pest Control

We provide efficient services with a focus on client requirements. We are a full-service pest control business that handles all pest issues. Using the best equipment and products, we provide service to both residential and commercial clients.

Residential Pest Control Service in Toronto For your Needs

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Environment Friendly Solutions

All household pests can be treated with our safe and efficient methods. Our six-month warranty and guarantee cover all of our comprehensive solutions. Bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, fleas, earwigs, moths, spiders, wasps, and more are some of the pests we deal with. One of Toronto’s top pest management firms is The Exterminators Inc. To schedule an inspection and treatment, call us right away.

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You can rely on the name AM Pest Control Inc. Pests are not relocated there by us. We drive away pests. To complete every job completely, we draw on our decades of pest control experience. Literally. In fact, we like doing it!

According to provincial and federal laws and regulations, all services and products are used safely. Certainly not safe for pests, but safe for you, your loved ones, and your pets!

Our guarantee is offered with every one of our pest control services in Toronto. We take pride in what we do and do it right. If pests reappear during the warranty period, we also do so at no extra charge.

Seasonal Pets in Toronto

MICE In Toronto and the GTA, AM Pest Control offers first-rate mouse control. We have decades of experience successfully controlling and eliminating mice for residential and commercial clients. Our special techniques concentrate on getting rid of mice both inside and outside. To schedule a mouse inspection, give us a call.

COCKROACHES For Toronto restaurant owners, cockroach infestations are a common issue. Food establishments were frequently shut down by health inspectors. There are significant cockroach infestation issues in a lot of apartment and condo buildings. Solutions for cockroach extermination are offered by AM PEST CONTROL and are dependable and efficient. To completely eradicate a cockroach population, we employ a variety of inventive solutions.

RATS In Toronto, AM PEST CONTROL provides efficient rat control services. Our all-encompassing solutions concentrate on reducing rat populations both inside and outside. We guarantee our Toronto pest control services and provide excellent work and solutions. Call right away to schedule an inspection.

BED BUGS You could say that bed bugs are waging war on Toronto. Bed bug infestations and related issues are becoming more and more common. AM PEST CONTROL provides dependable and efficient bed bud eradication services. To eradicate a population, we employ a range of techniques and tailor our approaches to each unique circumstance.

Pest Infestations in Toronto

Canada’s largest city is Toronto. Toronto has a lovely blend of both modern and historic buildings. One of Canada’s fastest-growing cities is this one. The city’s pest problems worsen as a result of the rising population and numerous ongoing construction projects. The number of construction projects and the rise in pest problems in Toronto are strongly correlated. Rats and mice are forced to look for new nesting places because construction blocks their preferred locations for roosting. Rats, mice, cockroaches, and other annoyance insects as a result affect many homes in the city.

Furthermore, rats and mice are free to move around the city freely on the subway lines run by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), infesting homes and businesses along the way. The majority of the historical and industrial buildings in downtown Toronto are susceptible to rodent and insect infestations. Cockroach infestations are the most prevalent problem in Toronto’s ageing apartment buildings. Bed bugs are yet another issue that many Torontonians deal with. 43 million people visited Toronto in 2017, and since bed bugs make excellent hitchhikers, it is not surprising that Toronto has been ranked as the worst Canadian city for bed bug infestations.

Mouse Control

Comprehensive solutions for both small- and big-scale mouse issues. To get rid of mice from both homes and businesses, we employ a variety of methods and products of the highest quality. We guarantee each extermination of mice using chemical and mechanical methods. Keep a small mouse issue from getting out of hand. Like other rodents, mice can reproduce incredibly quickly. Contact a qualified exterminator if, despite your best efforts, mice still manage to infest your home. A reputable pest control business, such as The Exterminators Inc., can help you with prompt, effective rodent removal and the avertance of additional mouse infestations.

Wasp Control

Carpenter bee treatments, wasp nest removal, and hornet nest removal. We guarantee that every nest on a structure will be removed using expert wasp control methods. A wasp nest or hornet nest can be active for months, and wasps are dangerous insects. A pest control specialist offers solutions for wasp control that are guaranteed. As soon as you notice wasps around your home, don’t hesitate to call a qualified exterminator. You should take quick action as a form of defence. The sooner you contact us for expert pest control assistance, the better.

Cockroach Control

We can assist you whether you have a minor issue or a more serious cockroach infestation. Even the most difficult issues can be handled by our technicians. Even in the most difficult-to-reach locations, we deliver the products using a combination of insecticides. Call The Exterminators Inc. for assistance if you see cockroaches in your house or commercial property. No matter where cockroaches like to hide, our pest control specialists can get rid of them from your house. Everyone should be able to live in a home free of cockroaches, and our expert exterminator Toronto can help you do that quickly and effectively.

Rat Control

The Norway rat is the species of rat that is most frequently found in Toronto, Ontario. Rats are opportunistic and when given the right circumstances, they can easily multiply quickly. Since they are capable of harbouring parasites like ticks, fleas, and mites, they have the potential to directly or indirectly spread disease. An infestation of rats can seriously harm property and put your health at risk. DIY rat extermination rarely works, and there is a good chance that something bad, possibly even dangerous, will happen. It is preferable to work with an expert rat exterminator who will not only get rid of the rats but also make sure they don’t return in the future. To ensure that the extermination is successful, insist on a warranty. For both residential and commercial clients, we provide rat trap and bait rodent control programmes.

Flying Insects Control

We provide dependable fruit flies, drain flies, cluster flies, and house fly pest control services in Toronto. A fly infestation typically has a root cause. We will eliminate the flies, identify the underlying issue, and take appropriate action to resolve it, putting an end to your fly problem. Our pest control specialists have high-quality chemicals and tools to ensure a flying insect removal and control that is effective. Additionally, we’ll make sure your property is future-proof against flies. We offer a six-month warranty on each extermination project.

Ant Control

Carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, pavement ants, and other insects are all treated by AM Pest Control. We will identify the pest and present a range of treatment options. We offer various ant control treatments and interior or exterior pest control solutions. We exterminate them, including tiny ants like pharaoh ants and big, black ants like carpenter ants. Our pest control specialists can locate the ideal spot for bait-based extermination and take care of the problem. We provide professional ant extermination in Toronto.

Flea Control

We provide Toronto with guaranteed flea extermination. An underlying pest issue may cause a flea problem. Long-term exposure to these pests, such as rats, mice, raccoons, and squirrels, can cause a flea problem. We can get rid of fleas because we are certified exterminators. Insect growth regulators, which stop flea pupae from emerging into adult fleas, are used in flea treatments. Before choosing the best insecticides and extermination technique, our skilled pest control technicians will inspect your home. Our exterminators will also give you advice on how to prevent flea problems in the future.

Bed Bugs Extermination Toronto

We provide effective bed bug pest control options at competitive prices. For you and your family, our technicians provide a range of bed bug extermination, treatment, and prevention options. We offer solutions at reasonable prices that you can rely on. Insecticides and heat are used in our bed bug pest management programmes, and we guarantee each extermination. Bed bug bites are no longer an issue. Contact a professional even if you are unsure whether you have an infestation. To find out if you have a problem, an exterminator can inspect your home. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to bed bugs. Make sure to get in touch with a qualified Toronto exterminator right away to learn more about the bed bug extermination procedure if you observe any of the outward indications of an infestation.

Integrated Pest Management

The movement known as integrated pest management (IPM) or integrated pest control (IPC) aims to integrate techniques that will eventually result in the economical control of pests through techniques that have little effect on both humans and the environment.

Since the 1970s, this movement has been promoted by scientists, particularly ecologists and entomologists, in an effort to promote the use of safer pest control techniques. Integrated pest management refers to the management of a variety of species, including weeds, plant pathogens, and insects, that are viewed negatively by humans.


IPM: Principles

The main goal of this idea is to prevent pests from becoming resistant to pesticides. It is thought that if some pests survive a widespread pest control programme, this indicates that the pests have become resistant to the control strategy.

IPM (Integrated Pest Management) encourages the adoption of preventive measures to ward off pests so that their elimination is not necessary. Among them are the introduction of advantageous fungi and bacteria in the case of plants and the adoption of methods that prevent the spread of pests.

IPM: Challenges

The fight against pests involves a number of issues that IPM tries to address.

One of the biggest problems in the age of globalisation, where borders between nations and even continents are quickly disappearing, is how to manage the problem of pests invading other nations.

When new pests are introduced, it is necessary to adopt the proper techniques in order to eliminate the threat that these pests pose, and this is where IPM is needed to streamline even the new procedures. Promoting the use of pesticides responsibly in developing nations is a further challenge. IPM is therefore faced with the challenge of promoting the use of the best pest control and eradication techniques, even in developing nations, in order to maintain a global balance in the control of pests as well as the use of pesticides.

AM Pest Control Inc

The highest industry standards are followed by AM Pest Control, which also provides pest control services at competitive prices. All of our pest control services come with a six-month warranty in addition to a service and satisfaction guarantee. When faced with a pest issue, both homeowners and business owners frequently experience feelings of embarrassment. Actually, nobody is immune to pest issues. But when we arrive to handle your situation, we use unmarked vehicles because we respect your need for privacy. Your company is your own, and we make every effort to protect your privacy. All types of pests are effectively controlled by our Toronto pest control services. We take pride in our professionalism, compassionate demeanour, and ability to assist you. Get a pest control Toronto price by calling us right away.

Our Pest Services are Guaranteed

We take pride in our work and complete each assignment. WE WILL RETURN IF PESTS DO WITHIN THE CONTRACTUAL PERIOD.

After treatment, during the guarantee and warranty period, if contractual pests return, we will return at no additional charge. We make a lot of effort to keep our clients pest-free. To ensure that pests are eliminated and our clients are satisfied, we guarantee each service and offer extensive warranties. For pest control services in Toronto, contact AM Pest Control Inc.

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In Toronto and the surrounding areas, we provide expert wildlife removal and pest control services. Give us a call if you need a quick free quote or fill out our form if you are having issues with pests or wildlife. If you’d like to join our team of pest control experts, feel free to browse our pest control jobs in Toronto.

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We are a dedicated group of professionals who take pride in what we do. Am Pest Control  Inc. is a locally owned business with headquarters in downtown Toronto. The Ontario Ministry of the Environment has issued us a full license, and we are fully insured. While addressing pest issues, we work hard to provide the best customer service experience imaginably.