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We provide ant extermination toronto, ant control toronto, mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, flies, wasps, spiders, centipedes, millipedes, and etc.

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Bed Bugs extermination

Bed Bugs Exermination In Toronto

In recent years, the frequency of bed bug reports in Toronto, Ontario, and other Canadian cities has skyrocketed. According to a report published by the National Post, bed insect infestation reports in Toronto increased by almost 40% in 2010 (Source – National Post – Reports of Toronto bed bug infestations increased by nearly 40% in 2010).

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Bed bugs are easy to spread and multiply. During her lifetime, a female can lay 200-400 eggs. Pestend Pest Control’s cheap bed bug elimination services can help you avoid and control bed bugs. The sooner you contact our bed bug extermination specialists, the lower your bed bug extermination bill will be, and the sooner we will be able to eliminate all of the bed bugs.

Rodent Control

Infestations of mice, rats, and other rodents are fairly widespread in the Greater Toronto Area. Mice prefer to live with humans because they have easy access to food. Mice and rats thrive in dark, less-frequently visited areas such as storage rooms, cellars, attics, cabinets, and other dark, less-frequently visited regions. The difficulty with mice is that they contain a range of dangerous viruses, including Hantavirus, Hemorrhagic fever, Lassa fever, LCM, OHF, and other diseases (Source: CDC), which can be transmitted to humans through food or contact with these pests. Most Canadians believe that placing a few mousetraps will cure their rodent infestation issues, but in most cases, this does not address the root of the problem, and the problem continues year after year. Pestend Pest Control Toronto has the expertise, experience, and skills and equipment to eliminate your rodent pest problem for good.

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Rodent Extermination
Ant Infestations in toronto

Ant exterminator toronto

When ants find their way into our homes or workplaces, as much as we love them, they may become an unwanted pest. And you need ant exterminator for that piece of job. They are intelligent and fascinating, but their desire to human food can lead to them becoming too near to humans, which is where the trouble arises. This is the point when you need ant exterminator. Ants are tough to eradicate using DIY products since they do not address the basis of the ant problem. We focus on the main cause of ant infestations at Pestend Pest Control Toronto, and we know how to get rid of ants for good without using toxic chemicals that could hurt your family, pets, or the environment. Call Pestend Pest Control Toronto immediately for a low-cost ant extermination quote if you have an ant problem and want a guaranteed method to get rid of ants from your home or business.

Ant Exterminator near me

Coackroaches Extermination

Cockroaches are better at hiding than you are at finding them. These pests can enter through multiple ways, through cracks, crevices, vents, sewers and drain pipes. Without the special equipment, resources, products and know-how, they can be extremely difficult to control. These pesky invaders will move into your home so long as there is food, water, warmth and shelter. This is an ideal way for them to nest and survive for up to a year. Cockroaches are known to be nocturnal. If several are seen during the day time, this could mean they were forced out due to overcrowding. This is a possible sign of a serious infestation.

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Other Pests Control Services

Some of the most common household bugs includes:
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Ant exterminator toronto, Bed bug extermination, mouse control, rat control, ant control, wasp nest clearance, and cockroach control are all services offered by AM Pest Control. We do, however, have a lot of expertise and knowledge with the following pests: Bald-faced hornets, bats, bees, beetles, big brown bats, Boxelder bugs, centipedes, earwigs, fleas, flies, house sparrows, lady bugs, millipedes, mites, moths, powderpost beetles, red flour beetles, silverfish, spiders, sting bugs, ticks, and weevils If you have a pest problem with any of these pests, we guarantee our pest treatment services or your money back!

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